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Messy Action

Strategy. Clarity. Purpose. Branding. All these words are thrown at aspiring women entrepreneurs every day, and quite frankly, they can be TERRIFYING if you have never given them a thought before.

How to start?
Where to start?
What to start?

All these questions that need answers can lock you up in a box – a small cramped box with fear sealing out all the light and joy.

But wait a minute.

Notice something; all those questions have one word in common: START

That, ladies, is what entrepreneurship boils down too. Amid the endless to-do’s, goals, questions, and uncertainties – pick one thing and start. Even if it a messy start.

Maybe it is deciding on a name for your enterprise.
Maybe it is designing a business card or starting a social media page.
Maybe it is writing three goals down and saving them on your screensaver.
Maybe it simply looks like cleaning off your desk and resetting your creative space.

Permit yourself to take action - even if it is messy.

MESSY action is always better than PERFECT inaction.

Always. Everyday. Every time.

Let me be clear- I am not saying that strategy and evaluation are not necessary, but unless you start somewhere you will go nowhere.

What one thing can you tackle today – what is your messy action?

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  • Couldn’t agree more, just gotta let it rip!


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