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The Story


My name is Amanda Dodd and working to close the opportunity gap for women in underdeveloped countries is my life's mission.

And to close that gap - we have to start small.

When I was 7, I saw a National Geographic special that showed starving children in Africa and Asia. I remember the images vividly. They invaded my psyche and scarred my soul. They haunted my dreams.

I wanted to make a difference, but how does one little girl change the fate of girls across the globe?

Fast forward 30 years. The mere mention of these children in need would start the flood of tears. We sponsored a few third world relief organizations but I was left feeling dissatisfied with the level of personal involvement and change I was experiencing. How does one stem the tide? How can one make a lasting difference? Was there a way to support these children and families before they were torn apart by famine, sickness and tragedy?

 In 2017, the seed of a dream was planted. A lightbulb moment. It started with the quote by Rania al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan:

Educate a woman and you educate her family.

Educate a girl and you change the future.

So the question became, how could we educate women in developing countries? How could we utilize our extensive experience in business, sales, and marketing to make a difference and create a marketplace for these women to be able to support and educate their families? They didn't need charity - they needed jobs and education.

Cause-ology was born out of the vision to support women in developing countries. To provide sustainable, dignified jobs that paid fair wages and allowed these women to feed, educate, and take care of their families.

To give them a fighting chance.

To stop the cycle before it occurs.

That is where your story intersects with theirs. How does one woman make a difference? I have discovered the answer.

You change the life of the woman in front of you. Today.

 It doesn’t require a huge effort or massive amounts of money. Simply decide that you support sustainable jobs and education over convenience and cheap imports. It requires you to vote with your pocketbook. It is a small thing that makes a lasting impact on generations.

Together we can show that world, that when you #shoponpurpose you change the story of these women!

Cause-ology needs YOU.


"The man who moves a mountain starts by carrying away a small stone"